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Concert van 7 engelse componisten: “Let us Dance!”

G. Dyson

Four songs for Sailors
To the Thames                
Where lies the land                    
Sea music
A wet sheet and a flowing sea



English Suite
The two sisters


B. Britten

Ceremony of Carols
As dew in April                                         
In Freezing Winter Night 


K. Jenkins

Stella Natalis
Cantus triquetrus

Stabat Mater
And the Mother did weep

E. Elgar

The Spanish Serenade

The Dance


+ + PAUZE + +


J. Rutter

Mass of the children
Sanctus benedictus



Coronations Anthem III
1.The King shall rejoice
2.Exceeding glad shall he be
3.Glory and worship

Coronations Anthem IV
1. My heart is Inditing
2. Kings’ daughters
3. Upon thy right hand
4. Kings shall be thy nursing fathers

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